Teaching Writing

By Neil Root
Neil Root is a writer and London based English Language teacher with 10 years experience.

Teaching Grammar Graphic

The more advanced and complex grammar gets the more simple the explanation has to be. Delivering complicated structures can be taxing for both the students and the teacher, so the best rule is to keep it straightforward and develop a highly visual style.

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By Claire Woodall
About Claire

writing word cloud cropWith the aim of making my lessons as dynamic and engaging as possible, I’ve often found myself overlooking one key skill area – writing.  I perceived writing activities as being too time consuming and solitary for class time, and perhaps even a little boring, so I would opt to give writing tasks as homework and then mark the work to give back to students a couple of days later.

However, having tried to address this imbalance in my classes, here are some ideas for teachers who can perhaps relate to thinking of writing as the neglected skill.  These ideas are for collaborative writing activities, so they involve interaction between students. They can all then be followed up with a collaborative self-correction stage too.

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