Put Some Fun Into Your English Classes and Help Your Students

Put Some Fun Into Your English Classes and Help Your Students

There are so many different ways of adding some fun to the English classes you run that it seems a shame not to take advantage of at least one of them. You might teach them some jokes or some interesting proverbs or maybe listen to some music or watch a film together. Let’s see how this could help.

Help Them Relax

Most students need to relax in order to learn as well as they want to. This can be tough for some people to do, and not doing it well often results in students getting too nervous and stumbling over their words or not listening to you properly. One of your priorities as an English teacher should be help them to relax at the start of each lesson. Sometimes this might just take the form of some fun introductions but at other times you might want to get everyone to settle down and relax with a long game or some other sort of interesting learning method.

They’ll Learn Without Even Realising

Possibly the best thing about running fun lessons is that your students will learn without even fully realising it. It is far easier to get caught up in a game or a movie than in a dull book or a lifeless role playing exercise. The lesson will probably rush past if you all start enjoying it and if you pay attention to your students you should see that they are gaining a lot from it. A good game which can help with this is the accent game. You can play clips (or do the accents yourself) and get them to identify where person is from. If anyone in your class has learned really well in the past and picked up some form of native accent maybe they can all guess where that person studied.  Did she learn English in Manchester? Was she a student in Australia? Little games like this are fantastic for passing a few minutes doing something different.

They Will Look Forward to New Lessons

Ideally you will want everyone to leave to the lessons already looking forward to the next one. As well as seeing them troop out happily you will also know that there is more chance of them doing some studying outside of the class. The more enthusiasm you can get to them to feel for the subject then the better they will carry on learning in their free time.

You’ll Enjoy It More Too

Finally, we can’t forget to take into account the amount of enjoyment that you get out of the classes you give. The more you enjoy them then the better you can expect to teach your students. The enthusiasm and enjoyment which you show to your students are big factors in their learning. If you can make it an experience which you all enjoy then you will almost certainly do a better job of teaching English.

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