Five things to consider when searching for a TEFL job.

By Trevor Jones
Trevor has been teaching General and Business English, ESP and Teacher Training for the past 7 years in the UK, Spain and France to a wide range of students, following an extensive career in business management.

There are many TEFL teaching jobs advertised across the world every week. Many are with very good schools who offer good terms and conditions and know how to recruit and retain good teachers.

Unfortunately some are with less scrupulous employers and a very small number are advertised by “crooks.”

The purpose of this brief article is to give the new TEFL teacher a few tips when looking for a teaching opportunity.

Is the job real?

1) Is it an authentic job advert? If it’s too good to be true, it probably is. Look at their e-mail address, does it look authentic? Have they a web site, check it out.

The interview

2) Do you have to have an interview, even if it is by telephone? If they don’t offer a formal interview be careful. Do they ask for money for accommodation or visas before you start work? If they do, be very careful as good schools don’t do this.

Teaching hours

3) What hours do you have to work, is it a split shift? Many teachers have been attracted to a teaching job quoted as 25 hour per week. However when they arrive in the school they find they start at 8AM and finish at 10PM. You may get some breaks in the day, but never enough time off to really enjoy yourself.

The pay

4) What is the net pay rate and when do you get paid? Be careful of an end of contract bonus, there are stories about these not always being paid.

Get recommendations

5) If you are offered a job ask for the name of a current teacher or one who has recently left and ask them about the school.

Best of luck searching for that new job! There are many good employers out there, but “do your homework.”

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