Why finding a job as an ESL teacher is easier than you think?

by Manjusha Nambiar

So you have completed your TEFL teaching certificate. For many aspiring ESL teachers, getting their TEFL certificate is a life-changing moment. It gives them an opportunity to travel around the world and earn a good living along the way. However, sometimes things can go wrong. What will you do, if none of your job applications win you the job you have been dreaming about? Well, in that case, you can consider being a self-employed ESL teacher.

The benefits of becoming a self-employed English teacher

Searching for jobs in schools and English teaching institutes around the world can be quite frustrating. It also requires a great deal of time. The best thing about becoming a self-employed English teacher is that all the money your students pay for your classes will reach your hands. That means, even if you have fewer number of students you will still be earning a decent salary. On the other hand, if you are teaching for a language school, you will get only a portion of the fee paid by the students.

You can teach at home. That’s another advantage. You don’t have to brave the traffic to reach your classroom. You can even choose your students. This simply isn’t possible if you are teaching for a language school. What’s more, you can determine the size of your class. If you are teaching for a language school, you will probably have to teach large classes.

Of course being your own boss comes with certain challenges. For one thing, you do not have any job security. But this can hardly be an issue once you establish yourself as a good ESL teacher. Your students will recommend you to other students and you should have no difficulty finding more students.

How to get started as a private ESL tutor?

You can be a self-employed ESL teacher, even if you haven’t received any formal training in English teaching. However, having some kind of certificate or training such as a CELTA, will better equip you with the skills necessary to handle the challenges of the job. Students also tend to favor teachers who have some sort of professional certification.

If you are working as a private English teacher, you will need to find your own teaching materials. This isn’t a problem these days. Plenty of ESL websites are now available. So you will have no difficulty finding printable worksheets or lessons.

Finding Students

Finding students is easier than you think. Most ESL teachers start with one or two students. However, within a couple of weeks, you should be able to find more. If you are going to give private English lessons, mention that to every new person you meet. It wouldn’t take long for the word to spread. Once you have gotten a few students, finding more can be even easier. Remember that your students are your best marketing tools. If they are satisfied with your teaching, they will recommend you to their friends. You can also print out some flyers and stick them around shops and notice boards in your local area.

Manjusha Nambiar is an ESL tutor and content developer. She gives English grammar lessons and formal letter writing tips at her site www.perfectyourenglish.com

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